To further improve professional efficiency and quality of engineering products, Government Agencies authorised with the approving powers can also play the role of external reviewers of technical documents seeking approval.

This will force engineering professionals to conduct their work diligently in accordance with professional codes and ethics, and produce quality jobs that will not be subjected to an embarrassing rejection by the approving authorities. It will also discourage quacks from the profession and reduce the incessant cases of infrastructural failures that are recorded almost on a yearly basis in our Country.

It is encouraging to note that some States in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, like Lagos, Federal Capital Territory – Abuja, and Rivers have been implementing external review checks on Technical Documents submitted for approval. It will be in the interest of our developing economy if other States in the Federation emulate the earlier mentioned States in this practice.

This can be achieved through the recruitment of professional Engineers to manage these external review functions in the various Establishments vested with such powers. The essence of this is to ensure that set standards and recommended codes of practice are followed in the design and execution of engineering projects.

Most of these practising States require in addition to the calculation sheets and drawings submitted for approval, a letter of undertaking, passport photograph, and a photocopy of the COREN certificate of the designer to accompany these design documents. This alone portrays that enormous responsibility is rested on the Engineer, and demands that confidence, courage, and good quality product delivery for the safe use of the structure for clients and the public is not negotiable.