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The engineering profession is guided by standards, codes, and ethics of practice which set minimum safety guides for the profession. However, because we are in a dynamic world with lots of complexity occurring daily, the codes of practice have also become revolutionised with many countries coming out with their codes of practice to suit the dynamics of their environment.

For this reason, the British Standard (BS) code is now used alongside the European Standard codes (Eurocodes) in many countries, including Nigeria. Most engineering books nowadays come in both British Standard (BS) code and European Standard codes (Eurocodes). The use of either code in design does not invalidate the work of the designer.

It is important to get familiar with recent developments by reading these volumes of codes instead of relying on the use of only familiar and simplified codes.

For a young graduate, probably, the first challenge and one of the major decisions upon graduation from engineering school is the type of job to start with.

This decision is of great consequence because it defines the path to professional development. Some may choose to work as planning Engineers, Quality Engineers, Structural Engineers, Design Engineers, or Site Engineers while some may choose to become Bankers.

The establishment a young engineer chooses to work in may not be much of a problem compared to their personal determination, quality of training, and mentorship. All these put together will have defining roles in their lives as engineers.