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Community relations

Over the years we have devised appropriate methods to enhance cordial relationship between the host community and the company. In furtherance of this objective we intend to carry out the following during the course of executing any project:

  1. To respect and abide by all native laws and custom.
  2. To raise community awareness and show high sense of commitment to the community where we are operating.
  3. To provide employment for host community at every location whenever possible.
  4. To improve on our effort on community assistance.
  5. To ensure no pollution in all areas of our operation.
  6. To ensure appropriate disposal of domestic and industrial waste generated.
  7. To ensure all operation are carried out in a safe manner and eliminate the possibility of causing injury to the community, workers and environment.
  8. To ensure all negotiation and any other dealing with the host community are conduct with the knowledge and constant of the company.
  9. To assist empowerment of people from the host community
  10. To source all materials that is available within the local community.

Request For Quotation (RFQ)

We open communication channels with clients and suppliers to ensure awareness and maintenance of project quality standards and objectives.

Consultancy services

We provide expert knowledge as a service to third party for a fee. Consulting is most often provided to companies that need our expert opinion regarding a business decision.

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Building Estimate

Our cost estimating system collects and analyses data in order to estimate the time, money, materials and labor required to design, construct a building, or provide a service.

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Engineering Design

Our engineering design is a powerful approach to learning important information about problems, identifying possible solutions and solving the problems at each step or phase of the process.

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